Make Your Own Flash Cards!

Flash Cards are proven tool for revising and remembering.

Visual aids have been proven to encapsulate our ideas and to embed them more effectively in to our memories.

Visual aids, such as flash cards, provide excellent personalised conditions for visual thinking.

It has been proven that visual recall yearns better results than verbal.

People are much more likely to remember something that have seen, rather than a word or fact that they have been told.

At Snapajack, our design-your-own picture cards are ideal for creating your own bespoke flash cards - you pick the subject - you design them and we create the finished product!

They are exactly the same size and material as a pack of playing cards, but a re a completely blank canvas for you to design as you wish.

Priced at just £7.97 for a pack of 54 double sided cards, they are also a very cost effective way for you to create such a unique product.

They are perfect for children, adults, students, corporate meetings and tasks, learning new languages, and so much more!

An example of flash cards being used to learn to count.

If you need any help with bring your ideas to life, then please do not hesitate to give us a call!

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