Personalised Photo Clock

Personalised Photo Clock

Our brand new personalised clocks are a perfect gift for pretty much anyone!
Everyone loves photos and everyone needs to know the time – so we decided to combine the two to make these gorgeous unique clock gifts.
Each clock is a nicely sized 30cm x 30cm and we currently have the option of a circle or a square. They are made with very strong and durable 4mm forrex.
They all come with high quality quartz movements and we even chuck in a free battery too so you can hang it up straight away using the built in wall hanger.
They really are a perfect gift for any occasion!

How it works

To add picture to your Clock you can download photos from your computer, access your device’s camera roll or even sign into your Facebook or Instagram account. Our editor will guide you through personalising the text on your Clock to make it absolutely yours.

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Do you have a special photo you want to share or immortalise?

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