Personalised 25 Days Advent Calendars

Personalised 25 Days Advent Calendars

With our fully Personalised Christmas Advent Calendars, you can count down to the big day with the treat of a delicious foil wrapped Swiss Chocolate behind the door of your 100% bespoke item.

Choose from one our many unique designs and customise it with names, photos and heartfelt messages.

Customise your design in under 5 minutes, with our easy to use editing software.

With our double sided option, you can also customise the text behind each window with 25 personal messages! Check out our Snapajack blog for fun ideas on what to write behind each door!

With our premium quality, fully bespoke advent calendars, you can make the countdown to Christmas truly personal and special with a perfect calendar, made especially for you.

How it works

To add pictures to your 25 Day Advent Calendar you can download photos from your computer, access your device’s camera roll or even sign into your Facebook or Instagram account. Our editor will guide you through personalising the text on the outside and under the windows too, so you can make it absolutely yours.

1) Choose a Design

We have so many unique designs to choose from - with choices to suit kids and adults alike.

2) Add a Photo and Message

Add your photo and/or personal greeting to your advent calendar.

3) Customise the Windows

We now offer the option to personalise the inside of each (or some) window with a special message.