Make Your Own Stag Do Stunt Cards!

Stag Night Stunt Cards!


Turn a pack of cards into “Stunt Cards” using some of our stunt card ideas.

Play your own card game with them, using the stunts as and when you wish!

Here are some ideas for you!


  • Take turns to roll dice. The first to get a 6 names the drink. The second to get a 6 drinks it. The first to get a 6, pays for it. Repeat.


  • Someone starts by naming a famous person. The next player says a name starting with the first letter of the surname of the previous name. Can’t think? Drink until you can.


  • Each player needs a pint of beer. Float another pint glass in a bucket full of cider. Each person takes it in turn to add a bit of beer to the glass. Whoever causes the glass to sink must drink the beer.


  • Put your phone on selfie mode and timer. Keep passing it around as quick as possible. Whoever gets snapped must down a drink. You will get drunk and get some good pictures too!


  • Give the stag a realistic looking temporary tattoo when he is asleep.


  • Handcuff the stag to an inflatable sheep or woman.


  • Split into teams and give each team a phone to record video footage. Provide each team with a list of stupid tasks they must complete and video as proof within one hour. Gather back together after wand watch the videos, whilst drinking more.


  • If the stag looks at you, you drink. If the stag blinks, he drinks.


  • Fill an ice cube tray with beer and give two guys a straw. They start at the same end and race up to be the first to finish their “line” on the tray. The winner takes on the next player!


  • Each player drops a peanut into their pint glass. The nut will sink and then rise back up slowly. The player who’s peanut is the last to rise must down their drink.


  • Take six shot glasses and number them 1-6. Fill three with beer and take it in turns to rolls dice. If you throw the umber of an empty glass you can fill it up with anything you like. If you throw the number of a numbered glass, you drink it, and keep rolling until you get to fill a glass.


We hope these help you create a stag do card game! And remember to drink responsibly! AND make sure the stag gets to his wedding!

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