Give Up Plastic For Lent

If you’re wondering what to give up for Lent, then how about giving up plastic and seeing how much difference you can make to the environment?

It doesn’t have to stop with lent either, you can carry it on for as long as you can!

Here at Snapajack we are very proud of our efforts towards a plastic free production. Currently, only our advent calendars contain plastic (the tray the chocolates sit in) and when our current stock has gone, we want to create a cardboard insert for them instead.

This will basically be a bigger version of the tray we made for our chocolate box, which is 100% plastic free.

Most of our products are made from cardboard or pulpboard, with just our clocks made from forex, which is a very environmentally friendly form of PVC. Also, clocks are not exactly “single use” - they should last forever!

We also use cardboard boxes and packaging when sending everything out in the post. We don’t like plastic mailing bags and we hardly ever use bubble wrap.

There are lots of ways that you too can reduce your plastic intake, or recycle the plastics that you can’t give up.

Here’s some ideas for you:

♻️ If you have children, make a “craft box” and put all your recyclable waste in it that the kids can use for crafting! Yoghurt pots, toilet roll tubes, bottle tops, bottles, cat food boxes, cereal boxes and much more. There is something quite satisfying about making a spaceship from a coke bottle and yoghurt pots!

♻️ Turn old tubs and bottles into containers for your stationery, utensils and spare change. Tin cans, drinks bottles and gravy tubs all make great pencil holders! Be careful of sharp edges on cans though.

♻️ Ditch single use plastic straws. Buy washable plastic ones or paper ones. Single use plastic straws are one of the worst single use plastic items that there is.

♻️ Invest in wooden toothbrushes. They look and feel amazing and are 100% plastic free. You could even create a wooden nautical theme in your bathroom and replace everything with funky wood!

♻️ Sort your bins. Don’t just chuck everything in the same bin. Sort your plastics, glass and food waste out and cardboard items so that anything that can be recycled can be found easily by the bin men. You could even go to the bottle bank yourself and teach your children all about recycling.

♻️ Remember your bags when you go to the supermarket. Not only will you save per bag as you won’t have to buy them, you will stop more bags going into circulation. Make it your routine to unpack the shopping and then put the empty bags back in the car.

There are loads more ways you can help and we hope this is a good start to get you going!

Thanks for reading! As a thank you please use code BLOG15 for 15% off any item!

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