Create Your Own Christmas Card Game!


At Snapajack, we love it when our customers get creative!

With our "Picture Games" option, you can create any card game you like - it is much more fun than a standard game!

We have a few options and ideas for you, to get your creative juices flowing!


Use our "Pairs" option, to create your very own game of Snap!

You could play it two ways - you could match up pairs as couples (so Grandma goes with Grandpa_ of you could play the traditional game of snap. It is up to yoU!

Happy Families

Create your very own version of the popular Happy Families game, using YOUR family and friends! Collect groups of your favourite people and make it a night to remember!

Top Trumps

Create your very own top trumps with any subject, and any categories! If you love dogs - make doggy top trumps using dogs that you know!

If you love Soap Operas - rate characters on appearance, storylines and fashion!

The options are endless!

We don't have a template set up yet for these, but if you save the image below, you can use that (edit it in paint, photoshop, a picture app, or a design website like canva).

Memory Game 

Great for children to learn memory skills, create your own memory game using pictures of people, things and characters that they love.

Make One Up!

Why don't you create your very own card game from scratch? Using all your funny photos and memories, there will be lots of ways you can create your very own game! What a unique gift that would be as well!

Playing Cards

As well as all the blank templates to make your own games, don't forget we still do traditional playing cards too, with a variety of different picture options!

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