Countdown Calendars – in a Corporate World

Let’s talk about Countdown Calendars!

Did you know that you can count down to ANYTHING you like?!

We all know the main countdown people like to countdown to is Christmas, so we will try and cover all bases and give you some ideas on how to use them for other occasions too!

For the corporate world, our countdown calendars are perfect for LOTS of things!

  • Advent Calendars – If you work for a football club, charity, attraction, venue, brand or celebrity then we can make you any advent calendars design that you wish. Add your photos, any logo, anything you like behind each door - maybe a special offer a message (as well as this they also get the lovely choc!). We can offer a great discount for large orders, so there is a great opportunity for mark up and make a handsome profit on them.
  • Football Clubs and Charities – If you have 25 sponsors all paying to be behind each door, you could probably cover the majority of the cost of your calendar- meaning whatever you sell them for could be up to a 100% mark up.
  • 7 Days to Go – As well as our 25 day calendar, we also have a very cute and lovely little 7 day countdown. These are perfect for the following things and more – countdown to a product delivery (new car / house / sofa / bespoke item), countdown to a holiday, countdown to a wedding, countdown to a new baby, 7 reasons you love someone, 7 reasons why someone has been a great employee!
  • Games – Team building games can be created easily if you are having a team building day! Put a task behind each door – if they complete it they get the chocolate!
  • Countdown to a big event at work or promotion and use it in your social media – open a door each day and video it for your channels. Make it fun and exciting and your followers will love it!
  • Thank a customer or supplier for their continued service and dedication to your business with 7 reasons why they should keep using you!

We hope you will consider using countdown calendars as a unique way to stand out from the crowd!

If you require any assistance or advice then please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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