10 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you are in a relationship, you might be wondering what you can do together as a couple.

We have put together 10 ideas for you, something for all budgets, and hopefully there is something here that will appeal to everyone!


You can't beat a good night at the flicks. There is always a romcom of some sort on at this time of year that you could swoon to. Horror films area a good one too if you want to shield your partner from the serial killers and zombies and be there protector! The only downside to the cinema is that you can't really have a conversation, so if you are wanting a proper catch up from your busy lives then the cinema might not be for you.

Cost - £30 - £80

Romantic Meal

Is there a new restaurant nearby that you have been wanting to try and not had chance to yet? Or maybe you have a favourite or special place already and have not had chance to go for a while? Get it booked nice and early because you will find it is much busier on Valentine's Day and the nearest weekend to it. A lot of places will do special Valentine's Day set menus and the best places will also trim the place up real pretty so you should be set for a lovely evening! Be wary of bumped up prices though - businesses will want to cash in on this day and can often be more expensive than normal.

Cost £40 - £100+

Romantic Walk

Nothing beats a spot of fresh air! OK, February may not be the best month to do this but if you wrap up warm, take a flask and keep moving, you should make it! Plan your walk well and you may be able to stop by a country pub of cafe and combine a walk with a nice bite to eat and a warm drink!

Cost - £0 - £40

Horse Riding

Horse riding as a couple can be a truly special experience, and if you choose a riding facility with a good knowledge of local bridle paths and places to go, you could see some local scenery that you didn't even know existed! Horses are beautiful animals, and a good riding school will be able to cater for complete beginner and lead you on reins if you are not a confident rider.

Cost - £40 - £80


Bowling is always a good way to spend quality time together and give your date a competitive edge! Book your lane online nice and early though as it is bound to be busy at your local bowling alley!

Cost - £30 - £60

Spa Day

A nice relaxing session at your local spa is always a lovely way to spend the day or evening! Lots of spas will do slots so you don't have to spend the whole day there, and you can also have a treatment too if you fancy a proper pamper! If you find one that also serves food, you can grab something to eat afterwards as well. Again, book early, as it is a popular treat!

Cost - £40 - £150

Pub Quiz

Always good fun, a local quiz at your local pub. You could even team up with friends to make it a double date or a triple date and see how your combined knowledge can help you win!

Cost - £30 - £50

Come Valen-Dine with me!

Invite some friends over and ask them all to bring a dish and score each other on your quality of food! A great way to socialise with friends and if you are the host, you won't need a babysitter either (as long as they stay upstairs and go to sleep!). Quite cost effective too as all you would need to do is provide one dish and some drinks.

£40 - £100

Kama Sutra Night

If you fancy staying in, and not going out at all, then get a copy of the Karma Sutra or google some ideas and have a fun night doing the fun stuff! This one can be completely free as well, BUT if you happen to conceive a baby as part of your shenanigans, it could also be the most expensive Valentine's Day you have ever had!

Cost £0 - £100,000

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