Using Our Products to PROPOSE!

We are proud to be able to say that we have had lots of proposals over the years!

Our products are GREAT for unique proposals and we love to receive proposal orders!

Here are some ideas on how to use our products in this way ......

Beer Mats

Design a beer mat that simply says “Will you marry me?” on it!

Take your partner to the local pub, and hide it amongst the put beer mats, and see how long it takes them to see it!

You could also hide various beer mats around the house, with just one of them saying the special words on it, and make some clues for them to find it!

Playing Cards / Card Games

There are a fews ways you could do it with playing cards.

You could design a pack of normal playing cards, with Will You Marry Me written on the back. Plan a card night and start dealing them out, and see when they notice and watch their face when they realise!

You could also use our design your own card game template to write a 52 word poem / love story and get them to read them out one by one, and the last card could read will you marry me!

Or, you could design a game where just ONE card says will you marry me somewhere (maybe the Queen of hearts?) and when they get dealt that card randomly in the game, see their reaction when they read it!

Giant Cards

Our Giant Cards are massive, and a lovely way to ask the question!

You could splash it on the front of the card for them to see straight away, or you could ask the big question inside and have glitter and confetti fall out too!

Selfie Frames

These are good for after they have said yes, with WE ARE ENGAGED written on the front, and you could post your engagement snap to social media straight away!

7 day Calendars

Our design your own 7 days calendars, are ideal. You could say that behind each door is a reason why you love them, or a little treat coupon, but on the last door, it asks if they will marry you J

Whatever your ideas are, we can bring them to life and help you propose with our awesome products.

If you need any help with design, or need helping make sure they are sent to a special “safe” address rather than your home address, then we can help you, and we would LOVE to see videos/pictures of the proposal (hoping that they say yes of course!).

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