How to Braille Playing Cards

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Braille on Ace of Spades
  1. Get a deck of playing cards
  2. Each card uses two cells.  There are no numeric or grade 1 indicators used.
  3. Put the card in your slate and stylus or brailler and braille the top left corner. Take it out and flip it around and reinsert and braille the top left corner. In both cases braille on the “picture” side of the card. This way, no matter which way the user holds the card, the braille will be legible in the top left corner.
  4. Use these letters for the suits:
    • c = ♣ clubs
    • h = ♥ hearts
    • d = ♦ diamonds
    • s = ♠ spades
  5. Use these numbers / letters for each card:
    • 1 = ace
    • x = 10
    • j = jack
    • q = queen
    • k = king
    • The numbers 2 through 9 represent the numbered cards.
  6. In brailling the cards below, you would use the following:
Examples of braille playing cards (Ace of Clubs, 7 of diamonds, King of Spades)

This is a great activity for someone learning to use a slate and stylus! It’s functional, and then you can play a game!

How to braille playing cards (in braille)
How to braille playing cards

Download the PDF of How to Braille Playing Cards

Collage of how to braille playing cards

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